Product Care

Following our product care instructions will help make sure that your clothing has a long life.


Cascada clothes are made to be worn and washed with very little fuss. Inside our garments the washing instructions are printed on a label. In general, washing your clothing in cold or warm water with mild powder laundry soap and drying it on the line are the best ways to clean our products.

Wash less

Wash your garments only when it’s necessary, you’ll minimize wear and tear on your clothing in the process and conserve water.

Merino Wool and Merino Wool/Polyester Blends

Thanks of its antibacterial and odour-resisting properties, you don’t actually need to wash wool that often.We recommend washing the wool garments with cold water in washing machine without spinning (delicate wool program) or let them dry flat. Do not tumble dry your wool clothing. This will lead to shrinkage, pilling and a general decline in the quality of your wool garment.

Polyester and Polyester/Cotton Blends

Wash polyester in warm water in a machine without spinning. Use a mild laundry soap and line dry if possible.


Wash in cool to warm water with mild laundry detergent and line dry or tumble dry on low heat.



In general, in order to safeguard the durability and resistance of the clothes, we recommend drying them on the line. Line drying saves energy and reduces environmental impact.


merino base layers cascada

Why do we use wool in our clothes?

Soft, breathable and stretch, merino wool regulates body temperature, ensuring excellent thermal insulation on colder days. The moisture is absorbed directly into the fibers leaving the skin dry, in this way the wool remains warm and comfortable even when wet.

Naturally resistant to odors, it does not retain bacteria and does not need to be washed frequently when you are going out for several days.

Even on hot days the humidity produced by the body is absorbed and pushed outwards giving a pleasant sensation of freshness.

In our garments we mix wool with polyester to give the fabric strength, greater breathability and faster drying than garments made from 100% merino wool.