Stay Safe Face Mask - Blue
Stay Safe Face Mask - Blue

Stay Safe Face Mask - Blue

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Reusable Face Mask

Stay Safe filtering mask is made of three-layer fabric with external waterproofing treatment, while the internal membrane blocks the entry of air by isolating the mouth and nose from external air contamination (guarantees 95% of filtering power). Light, resistant and stretch, it perfectly covers the nose and mouth allowing sufficient perspiration.

Stay Safe is a mask for civil and sports use, washable at 40 degrees and reusable without limits. Non-medical grade, nor a personal protective device DP1.

The fabric of the Stay Safe mask is completely impermeable to the penetration of the Covid-19 virus.

Take it with you on your outings, keep it around your neck, in your pocket or backpack and use it when you meet another person or where you’ll find a greatest gathering.

Stay Safe face masks are individually packaged and sealed in ecological bags (recyclable with paper) that guarantee a high level of protection.

Made in Italy

Put the filter mask on your face making sure that the correct side of the filter mask is facing outwards, pull the upper band and put it around the top of the head. Then pull the lower band over the head and place it at the base of the neck. Once stabilized, made sure that it covers the face, mouth and also that the lower edge is under the chin.

The filter mask for civil use is produced in Italy and marketed pursuant to article 16, paragraph 2, Legislative Decree 18.03.2020 n. 18

Washing instructions: UNI EN 23758

Composition: 93% poliestere 7% poliuretano

  • Before use, the filtering mask must be disinfected (do not use pure alcohol) and washed as it is not sterilized.
  • To wear and remove it, use only the elastic bands. Never touch the fabric part of the filter mask with your hands.
  • After each use, the filter mask must be disinfected (do not use pure alcohol) and washed at 40 ° with soap and left to dry in the sun or outdoors.
  • It is not suitable for use for children under 3 years of age
  • It must not be dispersed in the environment, but once deteriorated, deposited in closed containers to be thrown into the "non-recyclable dry" fraction.
  • NORMA ISO 16604: 2004 (penetration of viruses carried by blood and other body fluids) the fabric is completely impermeable to the penetration of bacteriophage viruses Phi-X174 and therefore to COVID-19
  • AIR PERMEABILITY TEST UNI EN ISO 9237 standard demonstrated that the passage of air is equal to 0 liters / mm / sec.
  • WATER COLUMN TEST UNI EN ISO 5122 standard show that the water column is equal to or greater than 10,000 mm (10mt).
  • BREATHABILITY TEST ASTM AND 96 BW regulations show that breathability reaches 11,000 g / m2 / 24h